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New issue of the Bulletin “infoGIPETO” now available

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Bearded Vultures are now well into their breeding season in the Alps and elsewhere, so it is very timely that two of our Italian partners ERSAF – Direzione Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio and Aree Protette Alpi Marittime have just printed the new issue of infoGIPETO (number 37), with plenty of information about this species in the Alps.

About infoGIPETO

This Bulletin, initially born in the Alpi Marittime Natural Park as an information tool for the dissemination of information regarding the many aspects of the international Bearded Vulture reintroduction project in the Alps, with particular regard to the Italian side, has become the voice of the International Bearded Vulture Monitoring Network (IBM), representing all the partners that every year, and every day, fight for the conservation of the species in the Alps, Grands Causses, Corsica, Andalusia and the Pyrenees.

We can say that “InfoGIPETO” is a very successful experiment because, over the years, it has been able to combine rigorous science with a simple type of communication directed to a wide audience of readers: not only researchers and experts but most of all ornithologists, birdwatchers and nature lovers which constitute the real skeleton and power of the European Bearded Vulture network of observers that contribute to increasing the general degree of knowledge on this species in the wild.

The numbers of this version are impressive because in only 32 pages, written in Italian and English, are condensed a multitude of scientific information and details with the fundamental contribution of 45 Authors belonging to 31 partners such as protected areas and NGOs (20 from Italy, 2 in Austria, 5 in France, 1 in Switzerland and 3 international).

This version of the Bulletin contains 21 original articles concerning the distribution of the breeding pairs in the wild, the results of the breeding in captivity and the consequent releases in the wild, telemetry and genetic results, threat and risk factors and a synthesis of the last reproductive season in each breeding nucleus and country (2020).

You can download the new issue of infoGIPETO (n. 37) below.

A printed version will also be distributed soon.

Review and download the complete series of infoGIPETO since 2003.

Many thanks to the Authors for their precious contribution, to ERSAF – Direzione Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio and Aree Protette Alpi Marittime for the assistance and editing and to the editors Enrico Bassi, Laura Tomasi, Erika Chiecchio and Fabiano Sartirana.

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