Czech Zoo visitors helping to protect Europe’s rarest vulture

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Over the last two years visitors to the Czech Republic’s Ostrava Zoo have generously donated over €1200 to support bearded vulture conservation work thanks to the Zoo’s 1 CZK for wildlife scheme.

1 CZK for wildlife

Launched back in 2016 Ostrava Zoo has been donating one Czech krona from the admission fee (around 4 cents) to a range of wildlife conservation organisations and the Vulture Conservation Foundation was one of the organisations chosen to receive donations to support our work in bearded vulture conservation. 

We would like to say a massive thanks to visitors to Ostrava Zoo for supporting our work protecting and conserving the bearded vulture.  

Corsica release female

Whilst visiting Ostrava Zoo, visitors will meet four bearded vultures in their Birds of Prey exhibit and these birds, whilst being in captivity, are working hard to contribute to the future of the species in the wild. Since 2009 13 chicks have been released from Ostrava Zoo. Last year for example, their young female chick, Luna was released into the wild in Corsica. The release of this young bird was part of a project to restock the small population on the island that has suffered a dramatic decline in the last 10 years declining from 10 breeding pairs to just four last year. 

Help us get #BeardedVulturesOnTheMove

Ostrava Zoo is one of 36 zoos, five specialist breeding centres and two private collections that make up the Bearded Vulture Captive Breeding Network EEP. This network is key to the ongoing reintroduction of bearded vultures across five different regions of Europe and looks after 174 birds. This year we urgently need to move 19 birds across the network to find them new homes and new mates and need your help. You can be part of one of the world’s most successful wildlife comeback stories by visiting our fundraising page and become one of our #VultureConservationHeroes! 

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