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Ostrava Zoo runs campaign for the VCF – and produces one bearded vulture chick too

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The bearded vulture captive breeding network for conservation, managed by the VCF under the framework of an EAZA´s EEP (European Endangered Species Programme) is composed by a vast number of different type of institutions: private and municipal Zoos, private collections, NGO and Governmental wildlife rehabilitation centers. In each one of these centres there is a dedicated team of bird curators working incessantly to maximize captive breeding.

Ostrava Zoo is one of our valued partners, and in the last few years they have managed to fledge several young bearded vultures – this year is no different, with the pair there adopting a chick. You can see a wonderful video of this above. It is young bearded vultures like this one that are then released in our 5 reintroduction-restocking projects across Europe.

However, this year Ostrava went beyond this – they have actually decided to support the VCF financially through their ‘1 CZK for wildlife’ project – 1 CZK from each visitor ticket  is assigned to wildlife conservation projects all around the world, including our bearded vulture reintroduction projects!

The VCF would like to thank Ostrava Zoo, and their staff and volunteers, for this great collaborative work. Without them, the bearded vulture would not be flying high above the alpine peaks, the gorges of the Grands Causses, the blue skies of Corsica and the craggy peaks of Cazorla (Andalusia). Thank you very much!

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