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Prominent Serbian vulture researcher launches today book about griffon vultures

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Bratislav Grubac is a researcher at the Serbian Institute for Nature Conservation, based in Nis, and has been studying griffon vultures for the last three decades. Today he is launching in Belgrade a book on the griffon vultures in Serbia and the world – see flyer for details.

The monograph “Griffon Vulture” is a comprehensive overview of the biology, ecology, distribution and protection of griffon vultures in the world, with a detailed survey of the current situation in Europe and the Balkan Peninsula. It has more than 120 high-quality photos.

Bratislav has been surveying, researching and protecting this species in Serbia for many years. Partly due to his efforts – and of many others – the population in the country seems to be now slowly increasing, and reached 140 pairs last year, up from 120-130 in 2010 and 93-98 in 2006. Bratislav Grubac published recently a paper (NATURE CONSERVATION ZA[TITA PRIRODE, Br/No 64/1 2014. 41-48), in which he analysed breeding success and productivity of griffon vultures in Serbia in the period 2006-2010, showing that both parameters are relatively high and allowed for the growth of this subpopulation. You can download the PDF of this paper (in Serbian) below.

The Institute for Nature Conservation is planning to produce an English version of this book later this year. You can contact Bratislav at

Breeding productivity of the griffon in Serbia 2006-2010 B Grubac Uspesnost gnezdejnja i produkti Adobe Acrobat Document 1’016.9 KB Download

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