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Tag: griffonvulture

Animation screenshor picturing griffon vultures feeding on a carcass

Animation videos: understanding ecosystem services and the role of vultures

The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we ...
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LIFE Safe for Vultures informative panel about Griffon Vultures distribution and conservation actions in Sardinia

Supporting Griffon Vultures in Asinara National Park

A striking milestone for the LIFE Safe for Vultures project and the ...
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Griffon Vulture Palina – an unhoped-for return!  

Rescued as a juvenile under the nesting coastal cliff of the Kvaerner ...
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Griffon Vulture flying after being released on Cres Island, Croatia - LIFE SUPPort © BIOM

Griffon Vultures soaring high above Cres Island 

Eight young Griffon Vultures rehabilitated by the Beli Vulture Rescue Centre, on ...
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Group photo of the participants at the wildlife crime training in Sardinia © LIFE Safe for Vultures

Fighting wildlife crime in Sardinia: international training events and working toward new regional law

In a significant move to ensure the safety and long-term well-being of ...
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A fresh start for 22 Griffon Vultures in south Sardinia

The Life Safe for Vultures project in Sardinia begins a new chapter ...
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Griffon Vulture pair by Rob Davies

A Visual journey through the Cork Oak Savannas shows the special Vulture habitats in Portugal and Spain 

Step into a world where the whispers of cork oaks mingle with ...
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One month later: how the newly released Griffon Vultures are doing in southern Sardinia

After the release of 15 young Griffon Vultures from the Villasalto acclimatization ...
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Griffon Vultures perching on a tree © LIFE SUPport

Best practices for EU sanitary regulations to benefit vultures

As apex scavengers, vultures require proper EU sanitary regulations to access safe, ...
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Electricity poles cause vulture electrocution in Cyprus 2024

Electricity poles in Cyprus become serial killers of the threatened Griffon Vulture

In a troubling repeat incident, electrocution has claimed the lives of two ...
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Griffon Vulture Arricelli crosses sea from Sardinia to Sicily

Griffon Vulture crosses 373 km over the sea from Sardinia to Sicily

Arricelli makes it to Sicily – The young Sardinian Griffon Vulture, released ...
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Egyptian Vulture Juanita released in Italy dies from electrocution in Italy

Why do vultures and other large migratory birds die?

A new study confirms the negative impact of humans on large migratory ...
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Transfer of 21 birds boosts Griffon Vulture repopulation efforts in Southern Sardinia

In recent days, a further 21 Griffon Vultures have arrived in Porto ...
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why are vultures important

Record numbers of Cinereous Vulture and Griffon Vulture pairs observed in Bulgaria since conservation efforts began

Exciting news for vultures continues in Bulgaria, with a record number of ...
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Griffon Vulture in Sardinia © LIFE Safe for Vultures

Latest Griffon Vulture census in Sardinia reveals population trends, breeding success, and more

In a promising development for conservation efforts, recent data reveals a notable ...
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Griffon Vulture Prevails Over Near-Fatal Electrocution Accident in Sardinia

Griffon Vulture prevails over near-fatal electrocution in Sardinia

It seemed impossible for Ciuffo to survive a near-fatal incident of electrocution ...
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Why did the Egyptian Vulture pair choose to nest in Sardina? New study provides answers

Once considered a rare visitor to Sardinia with no breeding records, an ...
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Griffon Vulture decline in Kazakhstan

A recently published research paper evidences a “catastrophic decline” in the Griffon ...
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Griffon Vulture in the Balkans: insights from the 2023 Census

Each year, several organisations in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, and North Macedonia collaborate ...
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2023 in review: our work 4 Vultures

Out with the Old, In with the New! 2023 in review: as ...
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