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Six griffon vultures released back to nature in Croatia

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Late last month the Croatian NGO “Grifon” released 6 young Griffon vultures, following a period of rehabilitation (see photos). During the last 25 years staff and volunteers from this NGO, led by dr. Goran Sušić, have rescued and successfully rehabilitated 132 griffon vultures, an endangered species in Croatia, nesting only on a few islands in the Kvarner Archipelago.

The breeding population of griffon vulture Croatia has been slowly increasing, from 60 pairs in the 1990s to 140 breeding pairs currently – helped by a number of anti-poisoning campaigns, proper enforcement of protection measures and continuing awareness work, by “Grifon” and other organisations. Birds are also monitored and ringed in their nests – so far 959 griffons have been ringed, which generated more than 5,000 sightings

For more information about griffons in Croatia please contact: “Grifon” – Birds of Prey Centre eMail: Facebook:

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