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Tag: cinereousvulture

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Tag: cinereousvulture

“Zeal and great determination”: the incredible story of the first Cinereous Vultures born in Portugal after extinction 

Some weeks ago, Quercus, a Portuguese NGO, set up a trap to ...
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EVC takeaways banner

European Vulture Conference 2023 Takeaways: What are the latest updates on vulture conservation and research in Europe and beyond?

The second European Vulture Conference (EVC) held in Cáceres, Spain, from November ...
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Winners of the Vultures in Focus – Photography Contest

Ready to discover the winners of the Vultures in Focus Photography Contest? ...
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Cinereous Vultures in Portugal: nine artificial nests installed in Douro International Nature Park

Nine new artificial nests have been installed in the most fragile Cinereous ...
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European Vulture Conference: Unveiling the Full Programme

In just two weeks, the European Vulture Conference in Cáceres, Spain, will ...
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Year one of LIFE Aegypius Return brings hope for Cinereous Vulture recovery in Portugal 

According to the latest data from the LIFE Aegypius Return project, there ...
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Extremadura birds field trips

Exploring the birds of Extremadura: Field trips at the European Vulture Conference 2023

Extremadura is known as one of Europe’s significant regions for birds, particularly ...
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After being rescued from the nest, Cinereous Vulture “Aquis” is back in the wild – LIFE Aegypius Return 

Cinereous Vulture Aquis was still too young to fly when the LIFE ...
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One of hte Cinereous Vultures after release_Ricardo Brandão:CERVAS

Is there hope for Cinereous Vulture “Esperança”?

Cinereous Vulture Esperança (which means “hope” in Portuguese) was released in 2021 ...
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International Vulture Awareness Day: Join our Giveaway and take fun Quiz

Take fun vulture quiz and join our giveaway: International Vulture Awareness Day

We are excited to mark the 2023 International Vulture Awareness Day (IVAD) ...
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vultures in focus

Vultures in Focus – Photography Contest

Are you passionate about vultures and their conservation, with a talent for ...
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zimbro and geres cinereous vultures

Where are Zimbro and Gerês, the Cinereous Vultures released in Portugal?

Cinereous Vultures (Aegypius monachus) Zimbro and Gerês probably never crossed paths, yet ...
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international vulture awareness day IVAD 2023

Celebrate International Vulture Awareness Day 2023 in two weeks

It’s that time of the year again – in two weeks’ time, ...
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Cinereous vulture geres

Cinereous Vulture “Gerês” released in Portugal after recovery from a gunshot wound

On 10 August, a Cinereous Vulture (Aegypius monachus) was released in Portugal ...
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Tagging Cinereous Vultures in the nest, step by step

This breeding season in Portugal, 15 Cinereous Vulture (Aegypius monachus) chicks hatched ...
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How Rewilding Spain is bringing the Cinereous Vulture back to the Iberian Highlands

Last month, Rewilding Spain released seven Cinereous Vultures (Aegypius monachus) in the ...
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bearded vulture

“Life for the Bearded Vulture”: new project to bring the species back from extinction in Bulgaria

A new LIFE project will bring the Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) back ...
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tagging cinereous vultures breeding season portugal

Cinereous Vulture breeding season in Portugal with promising results: 15 chicks were GPS-tagged

During July, partners of the LIFE Aegypius Return project tagged 15 Cinereous ...
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Training police officers in Portugal on rescuing and handling Cinereous Vultures – LIFE Aegypius Return

In Portugal, Cinereous Vultures chicks are almost ready to fledge. As this ...
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Wildlife Crime in France: a man will be prosecuted for fatally shooting a Bearded Vulture and a Cinereous Vulture

Good news from France, in the Drôme region, a wildlife crime case ...
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