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ABVM 2022 group photo

Key takeaways from the Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2022

What an event! Over 130 participants gathered at Parco Natura Viva near …

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Releasing mouflons in Corsica_PNRC (M.Haller)

Releasing captive-bred mouflons to boost Bearded Vulture survival in Corsica

The release of captive-bred mouflons into the wild can help promote the …

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Releasing Bearded Vulture Sulana in Corsica

Releasing Bearded Vultures in Corsica within LIFE GYPRESCUE

Since 2016, together with Parc naturel régional de Corse (PNRC), we have …

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Overview of the Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2021

Every year, we at the Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF) bring together over …

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