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White-backed vulture Gyps africanus

Telemetry study reveals the challenges and possibilities of creating Vulture Safe Zones in Africa

Protected areas (PAs) are crucial tools for biodiversity conservation, and this is …

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Congregation site in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India © Central Asian Vultures Project, Vladimir Dobrev

Vultures in Asia: Updates from the SAVE Open Day 2023

SAVE – Saving Asia’s Vultures from Extinction is a consortium of 25 …

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Bearded Vulture_Bruno Berthemy

LIFE Gyp’Act Project: restoring the Bearded Vulture metapopulation between the Alps and the Pyrenees 

The LIFE Gyp’Act conservation project aims to consolidate the Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus …

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Installing electric fences in Greece to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts and illegal wildlife poisoning © WWF Greece

Greece: Electric fences to save vultures from unintentional poisoning

How can electric fences support vulture recovery? Vultures face a significant threat …

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Use of lead ammunition became illegal around wetlands across the EU

EU bans the use of lead ammunition in wetlands

From 15 February 2023 onwards, the use of lead ammunition became illegal …

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Shocking cases of illegal shooting with Griffon Vultures

Unsettling news from Europe and the Middle East, with several shooting incidents …

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One of the poisoned Bonelli’s Eagles © Game and Fauna Service

A first for Cyprus: €21,000 fine imposed for illegal wildlife poisoning

For the first-ever time in Cyprus, prosecuting authorities issued a €21,000 fine …

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cinereous vulture dead in greece

Cinereous Vulture reintroduced in Bulgaria dead in Greece

On the last day of 2022, the Cinereous Vulture ‘Praha-Liberec,’ reintroduced in …

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Cinereous Vultures reintroduced in Bulgaria © Green Balkans

Hunters prosecuted in Hungary for wildlife crime

Four hunters were caught and prosecuted in Hungary for wildlife crime following …

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Ambitious initiative boosts capacities in 13 countries to effectively prosecute wildlife crime

BalkanDetox LIFE key achievements of 2022

2022 has been another busy year for the BalkanDetox LIFE team, realising …

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One of the Spanish Griffon Vultures released in Cyprus © Silvio A. Rusmigo

Update on the recently released Spanish Griffon Vultures in Cyprus

One of the Spanish Griffon Vultures released in Cyprus © Silvio A. …

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Releasing mouflons in Corsica_PNRC (M.Haller)

Releasing captive-bred mouflons to boost Bearded Vulture survival in Corsica

The release of captive-bred mouflons into the wild can help promote the …

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Public Presentation Session for the LIFE Aegypius return Project cover

Public Presentation Session for LIFE Aegypius return 

Come and discover our newly launched project LIFE Aegypius return, which aims …

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A poisoned Egyptian Vulture in Greece, a globally endangered species © Lavrentis Sidiropoulos/ HOS

New decision in Greece a step forward toward combating illegal wildlife poisoning

A crucial step has recently been taken in Greece toward safeguarding threatened …

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Body posture_WCA

Ambitious initiative boosts capacities in 13 countries to effectively prosecute wildlife crime

More than 30 professionals from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa …

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The Egyptian Vulture chicks were safely placed back in their nests after eight days © WWF Greece

How did the massive fire in Dadia, Greece, impact key vulture colonies?

Over the summer, one of the most important protected areas in Greece, …

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The carcass of Boyana © Atanas Delchev

A globally endangered Egyptian Vulture that visited 22 countries was illegally killed in Bulgaria

The life of the remarkable Egyptian Vulture Boyana suddenly came to an …

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Cinereous Vultures and Griffon Vultures © Pilar Oliva

New report on vulture population estimates in Europe is now available

A new report on the latest vulture population estimates across Europe and …

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vulture mass poisoning Africa cover

Over 150 vultures deliberately poisoned to death in South Africa and Botswana

The poisoning crisis continues in Africa and vultures pay the price. Last …

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wildlife crime training seminar cyprus_cover

Wildlife Crime Academy-inspired seminar bolsters capacities in Cyprus

Saving the Critically Endangered Griffon Vulture in Cyprus is impossible without effectively …

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