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Group photo of the participants at the wildlife crime training in Sardinia © LIFE Safe for Vultures

Fighting wildlife crime in Sardinia: international training events and working toward new regional law

In a significant move to ensure the safety and long-term well-being of ...
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international wildlife crime conference group photo

International conference on wildlife crime in Cyprus

The crime against wildlife poses a significant threat to biodiversity. Poisoning, illegal ...
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Griffon Vultures perching on a tree © LIFE SUPport

Best practices for EU sanitary regulations to benefit vultures

As apex scavengers, vultures require proper EU sanitary regulations to access safe, ...
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illegal pesticides misuse effects on health

New video and study: The hidden health dangers of misusing pesticides

Pesticides, initially designed to rid us of pests, bring with them hidden ...
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Griffon Vulture rescue sea Sardinia 2023 August LIFE Safe for Vultures

Sardinia sea rescue: Young Griffon Vulture boosts data-driven conservation

In a heartening development, a young Griffon Vulture from Sardinia was recently ...
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Dr. Darcy Ogada holding Hooded Vulture Photo M. Odino link card

Dr. Darcy Ogada: Unveiling the complex web of vulture poisoning in Africa and Europe

Dr. Darcy Ogada will be a Keynote Speaker at the European Vulture ...
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Following a collision incident, Bearded Vulture Roc was found dead under a wind farm in the Netherlands © Hans Pohlmann/ Vulture Conservation Foundation

Bearded Vulture dies after colliding with wind turbine in the Netherlands

Two days ago, we found the remains of the Bearded Vulture Roc ...
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Wildlife Crime Academy © Vulture Conservation Foundation

Strengthening environmental protection: Bulgaria establishes new police sector to combat wildlife crimes

Bulgaria takes a momentous leap forward in protecting wildlife and its natural ...
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This Griffon Vulture was able to move through the woods before it died © Dara Brodey/ Rewilding Apennines

Suspected mass poisoning claims lives of wolves and Griffon Vultures in the Central Apennines

A troubling incident unfolded in Cocullo, in the Central Apennines, raising concerns ...
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New BalkanDetox LIFE video vividly illustrates the vicious cycle of illegal wildlife poisoning

Illegal wildlife poisoning is a cruel and harmful practice. Despite being banned ...
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poisoned Buzzard bearded vulture mojo netherlands necropsy Photo added for size comparison.

Necropsy unveils life and death of wild Bearded Vulture Mojo, killed by train in the Netherlands

Mojo, a female Bearded Vulture from the French Alps, made headlines when ...
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Preventing electrocution in Croatia © BIOM volunteers

Protecting Griffon Vultures from electrocution in Croatia

Electrocution on power grid pylons is posing a particularly grave danger to ...
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Mitigating threats and mortality causes for vultures in France

Earlier this month, we shared an update on the breeding results of ...
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Closeup during practical exam inspecting a trash bag © Vulture Conservation Foundation

Transforming conservation: Wildlife Crime Academy’s groundbreaking training raises the bar in wildlife crime prosecution

The fight against wildlife crime has reached new heights with the successful ...
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New project LIFE SUPport: Securing a future for Griffon Vultures in Croatia

A new project to strengthen the endangered Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus) population ...
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White-backed vulture Gyps africanus

Telemetry study reveals the challenges and possibilities of creating Vulture Safe Zones in Africa

Protected areas (PAs) are crucial tools for biodiversity conservation, and this is ...
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Congregation site in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India © Central Asian Vultures Project, Vladimir Dobrev

Vultures in Asia: Updates from the SAVE Open Day 2023

SAVE – Saving Asia’s Vultures from Extinction is a consortium of 25 ...
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Bearded Vulture_Bruno Berthemy

LIFE Gyp’Act Project: restoring the Bearded Vulture metapopulation between the Alps and the Pyrenees 

The LIFE Gyp’Act conservation project aims to consolidate the Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus ...
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Installing electric fences in Greece to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts and illegal wildlife poisoning © WWF Greece

Greece: Electric fences to save vultures from unintentional poisoning

How can electric fences support vulture recovery? Vultures face a significant threat ...
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Use of lead ammunition became illegal around wetlands across the EU

EU bans the use of lead ammunition in wetlands

From 15 February 2023 onwards, the use of lead ammunition became illegal ...
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