Vultures galore in the Douro

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As part of the LIFE RUPIS project, staff from ICNF (the Portuguese statutory conservation agency), the Junta de Castilla y Leon, ATN and Palombar (two local NGOs) have been busy in the field monitoring the local breeding population of Egyptian vultures – we will publish soon an update on this first breeding season.

During the fieldwork, they have seen lots of vultures – from the 3 vulture species occurring in Portugal (griffon, black and Egyptian). In some occasions, they could even see the three at the same time – like here, at a supplementary feeding station for vultures managed by ATN in the Côa valley (photo Emanuele Siracusa). There are few sites in Portugal where this image is possible – a potent reminder of the importance of the Douro valley for vultures. The area is the stronghold of Egyptian vultures in Portugal (115+ pairs in the transborder area), has a large griffon population, and has recently been colonized by the black vulture, with one breeding pair successfully rearing one chick this year, for the third year in a row. We will keep bringing you news about our work in the area on a regular basis.

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