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Competition: Win a GPS tag – suitable for Griffon or Cinereous Vultures

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We teamed up with Ecotone Telemetry to give away a GPS transmitter to a project working on Griffon Vulture or Cinereous Vulture conservation in Europe!

GPS tracking technology is a vital tool for conservationists. With GPS trackers, conservationists can track the everyday position and movement of birds anywhere in the world. This data helps understand migration patterns, behaviour and foraging ranges, and helps identify threats. Essentially, trackers can help indicate a specific bird’s health and assist conservationists in carrying out widespread actions that mitigate the threats, safeguard flight paths and support the comeback of these species. 

Ecotone Telemetry generously donated a GPS transmitter to the Vulture Conservation Foundation, and we decided to donate it to another project. We want to help a project or organisation in Europe to enhance their monitoring and conservation actions with the ability to tag and track an additional vulture.     

The competition will run from Friday 10 January to Sunday 9 February 2020It’s free to take part in this competition.

Please make sure that your project or organisation agrees and complies with the Terms & Conditions below.

Participate in the competition

Terms & Conditions


The competition is open to Cinereous Vulture and Griffon Vulture conservation projects only – the tag provided by Ecotone Telemetry is better suited for these species.

Projects must be primarily based in Europe.


If you win the competition, you will need to provide at least three stories (300 words minimum) to the Vulture Conservation Foundation.

1. Discussing the importance of GPS tracking and why it is essential for your project

2. Story of tagging and releasing the bird 

3. Update on the bird’s movements after 2-3 months

Discuss the provision of the tag and the competition in your communication channels. Mention the Vulture Conservation Foundation and Ecotone Telemetry.

GPS tag

The tag will be available in early April and can be deployed from mid-April onwards provided you give us the information necessary 6-8 weeks in advance.

You will be responsible for the tagging in an animal safe way, including the catching and all required permits. 

The project receiving the tag will be responsible for the data management and checking the data daily to assure the wellbeing of the bird.

The VCF will include the data in WildlifeMonitor, where it also can be shared with the project team. Further, a public map will be created which can be included in the website of Ecotone Telemetry, VCF and the project receiving the tag. 

Furthermore, Ecotone Telemetry offered to bear the data transfer costs for the first year (160 euros). After the first year, the project receiving the tag will be responsible for paying the data transfer fees.

Moreover, Ecotone Telemetry can assist the winner of the competition in the use of the GPS tag and provide manuals and important information necessary. Ecotone Telemetry will have control over the settings of the tag and data transfers.


The winner will be selected based on the information provided in the Google Form, considering the following criteria:

  • Urgency of conservation project
  • Conservation goals
  • Need of GPS tag 

The winner will be announced at the end of February through the contact information provided on the Google form. The winner will also be announced on the communication channels of the Vulture Conservation Foundation and Ecotone Telemetry.

Data Protection

The Vulture Conservation Foundation will collect personal data about entrants at the time of the contest through the Google Form in order to manage the competition and or all associated activities. After the contest, personal data will be deleted, unless participants have requested to be added to the VCF’s or Ecotone’s Telemetry newsletter. 

For any questions, feel free to contact info@4vultures.org.

By entering the contest, you ensure that all the information provided are true.

Participate in the competition

Ecotone Telemetry is an association of professional ornithologists, ecologists and specialists in environmental protection. They put together projects and analyses in the field of environmental protection and management. They produce various kinds of GPS telemetry equipment for birds and mammals. Their wildlife trackers are used on all continents including Antarctica.

Ecotone Telemetry Website

Ecotone Telemetry Facebook

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