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Conservation themes and insights from Keynote Speakers at the European Vulture Conference 2023

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keynote speakers european vulture conference 2023

The upcoming European Vulture Conference 2023 offers a diverse scientific program comprising presentations, workshops, and poster sessions, with four Keynote Speakers, respected experts in their fields, sharing their insights and expertise, and contributing to meaningful discussions during the conference. Emphasizing the latest research and conservation efforts in vulture ecology and biology across continents, the event will take place in Cáceres, Spain, from 14 to 17 November.

Dr. Darcy Ogada: Unveiling the complex web of vulture poisoning in Africa and Europe

Dr. Darcy Ogada

Dr. Darcy Ogada, Africa Program Director at The Peregrine Fund, will uncover the complexities of vulture poisoning in her keynote, Drivers of vulture poisoning are not created equal: disproportionate effects and their likely impacts on African and migratory European populations.” She will provide insights into the diverse causes of vulture poisoning, ranging from belief-based practices to wildlife trade, conflicts, and sentinel poisonings.

Furthermore, her presentation will explore the different causes of vulture poisoning and the variations in its impact across Africa while providing pathways to recovery in addressing vulture mortality and formulating effective conservation strategies.

Dr. Sergio Lambertucci: Uncovering the challenges of Neotropical Vultures

Sergio Lambertucci

A prominent figure in ecology and conservation biology, Dr. Sergio Lambertucci comes from Argentina and is set to deliver a keynote speech titled “Old and new threats for Neotropical vultures: What is happening with the Andean condor and other vultures.” His presentation will illustrate the challenges faced by Neotropical vultures, with a particular focus on the Andean Condor. Dr. Lambertucci’s work reveals the threats to these birds offering fresh ecological insights and conservation measures aimed at reversing population decline.

He will explore the complex threats affecting Neotropical Vultures and navigate through threats such as poisoning, negative human perceptions, changing food sources, pollution, infrastructures, and avian flu. His global perspective will underscore the interconnectedness of vulture conservation worldwide, emphasizing the need for comprehensive strategies to ensure their survival.

Dr. Pascual López López: Movement ecology perspective on conservation for migratory vultures

Pascual Lopez - One of Keynote Speakers at the European Vulture Conference 2023

Dr. Pascual López López, an Associate Professor of Ecology at the University of Valencia, Spain, will share his latest research findings on migratory vultures from three collaborative studies. His keynote, Conservation challenges and opportunities for migratory vultures: a movement ecology perspective,” delves into the vital role of movement ecology in wildlife conservation. His presentation will explore the vital role of movement ecology in understanding vulture behaviour, habitat use, and migration patterns to inform habitat protection, threat mitigation, and overall species conservation.

Dr. López López’s research spans resident and migratory behaviours in Egyptian Vultures, tracking movements and mortality causes, and detailing the movement ecology of the largest wintering population of Egyptian Vultures in southwest Europe. His presentation will stress the importance of collaboration among researchers, conservationists, and decision-makers to protect these birds.

Dr. Marcos Moleón: Vultures, predators, and the stories they share with humans

Marcos Moleón - one of keynote speakers at European Vulture Conference

In his keynote speech, “Vultures, Predators, and Humans: a Story of Interactions,” Dr. Marcos Moleón will unravel the intricate relationships between vultures, predators, and humans. Exploring the history of human-vulture connections, he will trace the evolution of these relationships and their impact on ecosystems and vulture populations, shedding light on the changing dynamics from competition to cooperation.

Dr. Moleón’s presentation will not only highlight the challenges faced by vultures today but also offer an optimistic perspective. He will share vulture-friendly approaches to managing ungulate populations and carrion resources, providing hope for a balanced coexistence between humans and these important scavengers.

Dive deep into vulture conservation and research 

The European Vulture Conference 2023 is a unique opportunity to delve into the world of vulture conservation and research, learn from leaders in the field, and contribute to global efforts to protect these vital scavengers. 

Join us at the conference to gain a better understanding of vulture conservation through the lens of our Keynote Speakers.

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