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Conservation without borders: European Vulture Conference takes flight in Cáceres

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Next week, Cáceres (extremadura, Spain) will play host to a unique event, convening 400 delegates from over 45 countries, all united by a common mission: the conservation of vultures, these often-misunderstood but essential birds for maintaining healthy ecosystems. The European Vulture Conference 2023 transcends geographical boundaries to shape the future of vulture conservation and research, not only in Europe but across the world. 

EVC 2023 European Vulture COnference
Bearded Vultures in flight © Hansruedi Weyrich

Hosted by the Vulture Conservation Foundation, this four-day conference will take place from the 14th to the 17th November at the historic Complejo Cultural San Francisco, generously provided by the Diputación de Cáceres. Spain, as Europe’s vulture stronghold, provides the perfect setting for the European Vulture Conference. It will bring together vulture conservationists, researchers, and enthusiasts, fostering collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and insights into the latest developments in vulture conservation. 

The conference presents a comprehensive scientific programme featuring 107 talks, 28 speed talks, and 61 posters, with contributions from four keynote speakers and over 100 vulture experts.

These discussions will encompass various aspects of vulture biology, ecology, and conservation, addressing pressing issues such as poisoning threats, the impact of energy infrastructure, emerging diseases, and conservation efforts in the global south. Get to know the invited keynote speakers and discover the full programme of the event. Of particular significance is the focus on projects like “LIFE Aegypius Return,” which is the driving force behind the organization of the European Vulture Conference. Co-financed by the European Union’s LIFE Programme, this project aims to expand and consolidate the Cinereous Vulture population in Portugal and Western Spain. 

Getting to know Cáceres and Extremadura’s birding hotspots

Beyond its scientific offerings, the event provides participants with the opportunity to explore the UNESCO World Heritage city of Cáceres through a cultural visit and to experience the vulture-rich region of Extremadura. Here, attendees will get the chance to observe Griffon and Cinereous Vultures, as well as other remarkable birdlife, thanks to the support of the Junta de Extremadura and the expertise of the Birding in Extremadura Club team. 

Conservation without borders

The European Vulture Conference signifies a significant milestone in advancing vulture research and conservation. Drawing participants from all five vulture-inhabited continents, including countries such as India, South Africa, the USA, and Ecuador, this event underscores the global recognition of vultures’ ecological importance, the urgency to secure their future, as well as the dedication of individuals working to protect them. As the conference unfolds, collaborative discussions and knowledge exchange are expected to foster greater insights and ignite strategic collaborations, shaping the way forward for vulture conservation worldwide. 

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Download the press release in English and Spanish.


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