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Discovering Cáceres with a cultural visit during the European Vulture Conference 2023

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As the anticipation grows for the upcoming  European Vulture Conference 2023, we are delighted to present more details for the cultural visit to the old town of Cáceres, a historic walled city in Extremadura, Spain. Amidst discussions on vulture conservation and research efforts, we will take a break and explore the rich history of Cáceres with a guided walking tour. 

What to expect: A walk through the history of Cáceres 

Cáceres european vulture conference cultural visit

The private tour starts from the Plaza Mayor of Cáceres, where we will explore the architecture defining this historic city. From the Town Hall to the Bujaco Tower and the Yerba Tower, participants will witness the living history shaping Cáceres.

Wandering through the ancient walled city via the stunning Arco de la Estrella, we will reach the picturesque Plaza de Santa María. Here, the tour unfolds around landmarks like the Concathedral of Santa María, the Casa de los Golfines, and the grandeur of the Episcopal and Carvajal Palaces.

Continuing, the tour will take us to the Plaza de San Jorge, showcasing the renowned Church of San Mateo. The adjacent Plaza de San Mateo reveals another historical gem – the Church bearing the same name, declared a Historical Artistic Monument. A stone’s throw away, the Palacio de las Veletas houses the Provincial Museum of Cáceres and the astonishing Arab cistern from the 11th-12th centuries.

Practical information

This cultural visit is exclusively available to registered participants of the European Vulture Conference who have specifically selected to join this excursion. It will take place on 15th November in the late afternoon.

We recommend comfortable clothing and shoes for this tour. 

Please note that the itinerary might undergo modifications based on availability and the guide’s discretion, all in the pursuit of offering an enriching experience to participants.

The European Vulture Conference in Cáceres

Taking place in Cáceres, Spain, from 14 to 17 November, the European Vulture Conference 2023 offers attendees a unique opportunity to expand their network, share their work, and learn from leading vulture conservationists and researchers. The event will feature presentations, workshops, and poster sessions providing the latest research and insights into vulture conservation across Europe and beyond. In addition, engaging side activities will enable participants to explore the vulture-rich region of Extremadura, enjoy a cultural visit in Cáceres city centre, join in a conference dinner, and experience unforgettable field trips. Don’t forget to use #Vultures2023 on Twitter (X) to stay tuned with the latest conference updates!

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