Showcasing Exhibitor stands at the European Vulture Conference 2023

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exhibitor stands european vulture conference

The European Vulture Conference 2023 will feature a diverse range of exhibitors, which will be engaging in discussions about their projects, products, and services.

Vulture Conservation Foundation

The Vulture Conservation Foundation, organizer of the European Vulture Conference, is a leading conservation organization dedicated to protecting, conserving, and restoring Europe’s vulture species. With decades of experience in vulture conservation, it has significant expertise in captive breeding, reintroducing vultures, addressing threats, and monitoring birds in the wild. At the VCF stand, participants can connect with the dedicated team, learn about the conservation efforts, and explore the new vulture merchandise, including adult and children’s t-shirts, pins, Bearded Vulture plushies, and children’s books.

Birding in Extremadura

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Birding in Extremadura, a portal under the General Directorate of Tourism in the Government of Extremadura, functions as a comprehensive guide for ornithological enthusiasts. The platform provides essential information on bird species, habitats, recommended routes, and optimal times for birdwatching in the region. Renowned as a premier destination in Europe for birdwatchers and a vulture haven, Extremadura boasts 385 recorded bird species, featuring emblematic species such as the Griffon Vulture, Cinereous Vulture, Egyptian Vulture, Black Stork, and Iberian Imperial Eagle. With 71 designated Special Protection Zones for Birds covering 26% of its territory, Extremadura is committed to conserving its rich avian diversity, including these majestic scavengers.


e-obs logo

E-obs is a cutting-edge wildlife GPS telemetry company. They specialise in the design, development, and production of high-end wildlife telemetry products that enable next-level animal movement and behavioural research. With more than 20 years of experience, they offer products that are focused on the needs of tagged animals and their customers. Their strength lies with their interdisciplinary team of engineers, software developers, mathematicians, and biologists – their expertise enables them to deliver extremely robust and reliable state-of-the-art products and to push the boundaries of telemetry technology. Grounded in a passion for their work and close relationships with their customers, they are able to continuously achieve ever better results and expand their product portfolio.


ornitela logo

Ornitela is a reliable provider of GPS-GSM transmitters for tracking birds. Merging the knowledge of biologists and engineers, they offer bird transmitters, ensuring attested performance and high energetic efficiency. Transmitter sizes range from 3 g to 80 g. Hundreds of vultures and other birds of prey in Europe, Asia, and Africa carry their transmitters, providing crucial information for researchers of these birds. At their stand at the European Vulture Conference in Cáceres, Ornitela will be pleased to meet customers and friends and discuss questions, plans, and future perspectives while presenting their latest transmitter models.


ecotone logo

Since 1993, ECOTONE, an association of professional ornithologists and ecologists, has produced various mist nets for catching birds and bats. With over 30 years of fieldwork expertise, their nets undergo thorough testing in diverse conditions, including the snowy Arctic, tropical forests, and deserts. ECOTONE also produces GPS-GSM loggers for global wildlife tracking, offering researchers tailored telemetry equipment for precise data on animal behaviour and migrations.

Viking Optical Ltd.

viking optical logo

Viking Optical Ltd., established in 1986, has steadily grown to become one of the UK’s leading independent importers and distributors of optical equipment. Consistently high quality is of paramount importance, and every piece of equipment undergoes a strict Quality Control procedure before leaving their warehouse.

The European Vulture Conference in Cáceres

Taking place in Cáceres, Spain, from 14 to 17 November, the European Vulture Conference 2023 offers attendees a unique opportunity to expand their network, share their work, and learn from leading vulture conservationists and researchers. The event will feature presentations, workshops, and poster sessions providing the latest research and insights into vulture conservation across Europe and beyond. In addition, engaging side activities will enable participants to explore the vulture-rich region of Extremadura, enjoy a cultural visit in Cáceres city centre, join in a conference dinner, and experience unforgettable field trips. Don’t forget to use #Vultures2023 on Twitter (X) to stay tuned with the latest conference updates!

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