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Girun and Volcaire doing well – and have been celebrated by a Côtes du Rhône wine!

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You can now drink some good wine (see review below), with a great name (Cuvée Gypaéte!) and support Vautours en Baronnies – one of our partners within the LIFE GYPCONNECT project

To celebrate the release of the two first bearded vultures in the Baronnies, the Domaine de Rocheville from Nyons has baptized one of its biological wines (Côtes du Rhône) as Cuvée du Gypaète – 1 € from every bottle sold will go to Vautours en Baronnies!

As for Girun and Volcaire, they are doing very well. Girun (female) remained in the Baronnies since the release until September, but then flew towards Vercors, where she still is, mostly in the southeast of the massif (Glandasse, Archiane and Vallon Combeau) – see map. There are now a number of bearded vultures in the Vercors, including 2 birds released there in 2013.

On the other hand, Volcaire (male) started to fly to and from Vercors since August, with frequent return trips. He is now further East, towards the Écrins, but also ventured to Mont-Ventoux in November – see map above.

You can follow their movements here: http://www.vautoursenbaronnies.com/index.php/gypaete-en-vol

Girun and Volcaire hatched in captivity within the bearded vulture captive breeding network coordinated by the VCF, and were released in the Baronnies, in the extreme western pre-Alps, an important stepping stone between the Alps, the Massif Central and the Pyrenees. Griffon and black vulture populations have been restored there, and bearded vultures often use the area for prolonged periods of time – mostly come from the nearby Vercors.

This bearded vulture release was the first in the site, and happens within the framework of the LIFE GYPCONNECT project, an EU funded project that aims to enhance the establishment of the gene flow between the bearded vultures is the Alps and the Pyrenees. The LIFE GYPCONNECT is also co-funded by the MAVA foundation.

Download Cuvée du Gypa – introduction Cuvée du Gypa – BANDEROLE BD.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 1.4 MB Download Download Cuvée du Gypa – review supplement ribune 2016 2.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 129.9 KB Download

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