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One month to go until International Vulture Awareness Day

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Join us on Saturday 1 September and help celebrate vultures and all the hard work that countless people do on their behalf on International Vulture Awareness Day. 

International Vulture Awareness Day

For everyone working in vulture conservation we know how truly brilliant these birds are and how vital they are to ecosystem functioning. We are also acutely aware of the threats that are posed to them from illegal poisoning to electrocution to collision with lines as highlighted in the Vulture Multi-Species Action Plan, a global plan for the conservation of 15 species of vultures, co-developed by the VCF, and that was endorsed by the Convention for Migratory Species. International Vulture Awareness Day is our opportunity to share our passion about these birds to a wider audience and highlight the important work being carried out by the world’s vulture conservationists. 

Get involved

If you are thinking of organising an event, whether it’s a talk, a guided walk, film screening or an exhibition, please register on the International Vulture Awareness Day website

Also, if you want your work to feature as part of our communications plan on the day or if you have an idea you want to share or if you have an event you want to highlight then contact our Communications Officer, Dean Veall via email

One of the best ways to engage audiences on International Vulture Awareness Day is through social media, so let´s spread the word and use #VultureAwarenessDay on your postings on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and with images or videos you’ll reach a wider audience. 

Here at the Vulture Conservation Foundation we also use the following hashtags #BeardedVulture #CinereousVulture #EgyptianVulture #GriffonVulture + #VultureConservation. Feel free to use any of these as well. 

Let’s make International Vulture Awareness Day 2018 the best yet!

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