New film: Commissioner Borg, please ban veterinary diclofenac!

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The VCF, together with BirdLife International, asks Commissioner Borg to take urgent action to protect Europe’s vultures from poisoning by diclofenac by introducing an EU ban on its production, marketing and use for veterinary purposes.

The VCF and BirdLife International have already asked the Commission to start a referral procedure, under Article 35 of Veterinary Medicines Directive (2001/82/EC), for the withdrawal of an authorized veterinary medicinal drug which affects Community interests. Wild animal species are of Community interest, as stated in the preamble of Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC), and thus fall within the scope of this provision.

The effect of diclofenac on vultures has not been examined at all in the risk assessment, and labelling and other potential management measures are not an adequate safeguard to prevent vultures being poisoned by diclofenac in Europe – only its full withdrawal from the market will keep the vultures safe!

The decision should be easy – there is a safe alternative to diclofenac readily available, solid scientific evidence on the impacts of the drug, and even a ban in place in some other regions of the globe (Indian subcontinent, where veterinary diclofenac caused a 99% decline in some vulture species).

Tens of thousands of European citizens, dozens of conservation and environmental organisations, many scientists, and even members of the European parliament have already asked the Commission to act. Commissioner Borg, please ban veterinary diclofenac.

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