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Tag: 2023-09

Joining forces for Bearded Vulture conservation in Spain: technical meeting gathers NGOs and regional governments in Gredos 

Over 30 professionals working for Bearded Vulture conservation in Spain gathered in ...
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Griffon Vulture restocking in Sardinia_LIFE Under Griffon Wings

The unexpected incursion of a juvenile Griffon Vulture in Southeastern Sardinia – LIFE Safe for Vultures

A juvenile Griffon Vulture, born in the wild this year in the ...
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A new life for (four) Griffon Vultures in Croatia – LIFE SUPport

On September 15, four rehabilitated Griffon Vultures were set free on the ...
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Egyptian Vulture by Boris Belchev

Movement ecology perspective on conservation for migratory vultures by Pascual López López

Dr. Pascual López López, an Associate Professor of Ecology at the University ...
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The Story of the Bearded Vulture, by Lizzie Daly

Leica Ambassador Lizzie Daly is on a mission to tell the remarkable ...
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One of hte Cinereous Vultures after release_Ricardo Brandão:CERVAS

Is there hope for Cinereous Vulture “Esperança”?

Cinereous Vulture Esperança (which means “hope” in Portuguese) was released in 2021 ...
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bearded vulture ferruginous spring

Exploring the fascinating Cosmetic Behaviour of Bearded Vultures

The Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) is known for its innate tendency to ...
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Unveiling Egyptian Vultures’ Summertime 2023

As summer fades away, the Egyptian Vultures (Neophron percnopterus) that returned to ...
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Why are vultures important

Bearded Vulture in Europe: Join the International Observation Days 2023 and recap 2022’s results

Every year, thousands of dedicated volunteers lend their support to monitor Europe’s ...
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International Vulture Awareness Day: Join our Giveaway and take fun Quiz

Take fun vulture quiz and join our giveaway: International Vulture Awareness Day

We are excited to mark the 2023 International Vulture Awareness Day (IVAD) ...
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bearded vulture sargas at the feeding station in min June_ (c) clement

Navigating the skies: The eventful journey of inexperienced Bearded Vulture Sargas

Over the past few months, the LIFE Gyp’Act project released eight Bearded Vultures in ...
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