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The bearded vulture in the French Alps in 2016

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A total of 12 pairs were present this year in the French Alps. In Haute-Savoie 5 pairs were on territory, but one young pair has not laid. The remaining four did, but only two young fledged, and both were equipped with a GPS tag by our partners ASTERS (see photo). They were both given names – Neige and Pirou, by the local school children – see photos of one event organised at Magland by ASTERS. Neige was the first to leave the nest, and Pirou finally fledged in the last few days – see a photo of his first flight!

ASTERS, the VCF and other partners are implementing a LIFE project – LIFE GYPHELP – to enhance the bearded vulture populations in the French Alps.

In Savoie 5 pairs managed to fledge 2 young, while in the Mercantour two pairs produced one young – in spite of the disappearance of an old-established pair.

On the other hand, one young bearded vulture (named Ginko) that had been born in nature in Haute-Savoie last year, and that had been ringed, was recently seen and filmed in the Swiss Alps by VCF staff, precisely at the release site used this year in the reintroduction project – see

Photos: ASTERS

Video: VCF

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