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The highlights of the VCF year

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2015 was a busy year at the VCF. Some highlights…

-20 bearded vultures fledged in the wild in the Alps – a new record!

-First successful breeding of bearded vulture in Andalucía in 32 years! Esperanza! (see video)

-15 bearded vultures from our captive breeding network released in three reintroduction projects (Andalusia, Grands Causses/Corridor, Alps)

-Very successful captive-breeding season in the bearded vulture EEP – 26 young vultures survived

-Successful breeding of griffon vultures in the central Balkan Mountains following reintroduction with birds from Spain

-6 captive-bred Egyptian vultures released in southern Italy in a pilot project, six overwintering Egyptian vultures tagged in Extremadura, wintering population there accurately mapped (+100 individuals)

 – Effects of toxic substances and pathogens on the Egyptian Vultures in Europe researched

-European decision makers acknowledge that veterinary diclofenac causes a risk to vultures and demand extra mitigation measures

-More black vultures transported to France for the successful reintroduction there

-International Species Action Plans: Egyptian vulture plan current implementation evaluated, bearded vulture plan updated

-Breakthrough in the lead poisoning issue in France – commitment to progress from relevant stakeholders in the French Alps

-Thousands of people sharing the beauty – and the plight – of vultures through our communication channels

Thank you for your support. The team at the Vulture Conservation Foundation wishes you a Happy New Year!

Video courtesy of Francisco Montoro, a passionate vulture watcher from Andalusia. Gracias Paco!

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