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The young bearded vulture is now in the Netherlands…

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We reported only some days ago that the young bearded vulture was still in Germany (see This is not true anylonger. We received notice on Sunday, 12th March that a bearded vulture was observed in the Netherlands. A comparison of the photos taken with the pictures we received mid-February from Germany show that it is the same bird. 

The Dutch birding network is very active, and hence the bird was followed very closely: It was first seen on Sunday around 15.30 near Katwijk (north sea coast). People were able then to follow the bird until around 17.45, when it passed Rotterdam and suddenly vanished near the town of Oud-Beijerland. The bird was refound this morning near Oud-Beijerland again. It circled up from a wooded area and flew slowly to the east, following the rivers Meuse and Waal. People were able to follow the bird until 11.50 , near the town of Gorinchem, when it got out of sight.

 It was resigthed later right above Den Bosch Central Station at 12.31 (30 km away) and after that at 13.09 over Uden hospital (another 25 km away).  Most of the observations of the bird are entered online and can be followed on the following online platform>> 

The map below shows a heatmap of all the observations of the bearded vulture from only two days. Around 70 observations were made and reported right away. Most likely more observations will be added in the next days. 

The VCF would like to thank all the observers who are tracking this bird.

map provided by
map provided by

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