Vulture Conservation Foundation Film – Together for Vultures

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Vultures – they might have a bad reputation, but they play an essential role in the habitats in which they live, acting as nature’s clean up crew and providing significant socioeconomic value to local communities. Here at the VCF, we are committed to ensuring a bright future for vultures in Europe. 

Our story

Before we became the Vulture Conservation Foundation, we were the Foundation for the Conservation of Bearded Vultures (FCBV) working to bring back the Bearded Vulture to the Alps. Today, there are 250 Bearded Vultures, including over 50 breeding pairs across the Alpine region – it is considered one of the best wildlife comeback stories of all times! In addition to the Bearded Vulture, our conservation initiatives have now expanded to protecting all of Europe’s vulture species – Griffon VulturesEgyptian Vultures and Cinereous Vultures

For the past few years, we have been involved in most vulture conservation projects across Europe, and together with our partners, we have been working across different aspects of vulture conservation to help protect Europe’s vultures. We are at the forefront of vulture conservation planning and action, having co-developed the Vulture MSAP, the international vulture species action plan to conserve African-Eurasian vultures endorsed by CMS. Working across different projects, from tackling threats to reintroducing vultures, we have seen the return of vultures in different regions of Europe.

We have produced a film discussing vultures, our conservation work and their status in Europe that premiered at the European Vulture Conference 2019. You can now watch it, too!

Vulture Conservation Foundation Film – Together for Vultures

You can help us continue our work protecting these magnificent species by donating.

Special thanks

We want to thank everyone who contributed towards making this film, especially the MAVA Foundation who helped us fund it. 

Special thanks go to Dominic Houghton who filmed and edited the film and Stuart Packer who did the voice over.

We also want to thank everyone who supported the film and provided additional footage:

Anton Stamenov

Atanas Delchev

Balkan Anti-Poisoning Project

Breadfrost Productions

Bulgarian Society For The Protection Of Birds

Ciaran Heurteau

D. Dobrev

D. Gradinarov

Enrico Gombala/Ostrava Zoological Garden and Botanical Park

François Biollaz

Hansruedi Weyrich

Hristo Peshev

Julien Heuret/Asters

LIFE Programme

LIFE GypConnect

LIFE Re-Vultures

LIFE Rupis

LIFE Under Griffon Wings

Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux

Mathieu Lelay

Parc National De La Vanoise

Parc Naturel Régional de Corse

Pascal Conche

Rewilding Rhodopes

Réseau De Transport D’electricité


Sociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo das Aves

© Vulture Conservation Foundation 2019

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