2023 in review: our work 4 Vultures

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Out with the Old, In with the New! 2023 in review: as the year comes to an end, we bid farewell with a recap of the key achievements we’re most proud of.

In a year that saw continuing and new wars, a dramatic deterioration of our environment and climate, and continuing attacks on tolerance, respect and solidarity between humans, and between humans and our planet, our message continues to be Yes we can! We can continue to give you more good news about vultures and contribute to make this a better, fairer, more diverse and more sustainable world!

2023 in review: Bearded Vulture

Cinereous Vulture

Griffon Vulture

Griffon Vultures (Gyps fulvus) in Bulgaria © Ivaylo Zafirov

Fighting threats

  • We have identified priorities and future work areas to further mitigate the threat of electrocution (and collision), the second most important threat affecting vultures (after poisoning). This threat will probably rank number one in the years to come.
  • We have organised a 3rd specialized training course for our first two cohorts of trainees under the Wildlife Crime Academy, thus enhancing the capacities of dozens of people on investigating wildlife crime adequately.
  • Inspired by the Wildlife Crime Academy, the first national anti-poisoning training occurred in Serbia.
  • We organised a successful meeting of public prosecutors from several Balkan countries with their Spanish counterparts to discuss the crucial involvement of the judiciary in the fight against wildlife crime.
  • We also saw courts in Cyprus deciding on the 1st ever prosecuted case for wildlife poisoning, a necessary step to curb this widespread illegal wildlife crime on the island.
  • Following the EU ban on the use of lead ammunition in and around wetlands, we’ve been supporting the transition to lead-free alternatives, working directly with hunters in Portugal with the LIFE Aegypius Return project, in Croatia with the LIFE SUPportin Sardinia with LIFE Safe for Vultures and raising awareness in Italy.


  • Our communication efforts, which include several new films and animations highlighting the vital role vultures play and the threats posed by illegal wildlife poisoning, have generated over 1 million impressions.
  • We organised a very successful Vulture in Focus – Photography Contest with 450 amazing artworks received. Thank you to all the participants!
  • Our Vulture Personality quiz was a success, with thousands of people taking it to discover their vulture totem! Have you found out yours?
    Finally, we had the pleasure of welcoming and hosting around 400 participants from 46 countries in the second European Vulture Conference, an extraordinary event that has celebrated all the great work being done in Europe (and beyond) on vultures.

When you support our work, you help us build a brighter future for vultures in Europe. Here are three ways you can help this holiday season: 

1. Please donate to the VCF to help us continue our work restoring European vulture populations.


2. Follow us on social media and engage with our posts to keep up to date with the latest news and help us raise awareness about the importance of vultures.

3. Talk about vultures, their importance and their conservation to your friends and relatives. 

We hope the holidays and new year will bring you happiness and success.

Thank you once again for your continuous support.

The Vulture Conservation Foundation team

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