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Der Falke special issue on vultures: Biology – Threats – Conservation

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A special edition of the German birding magazine ‘Der Falke’, initially published in German, is now available in English. This edition was produced in collaboration with us here at the VCF. Vulture experts from all over Europe provide a comprehensive overview of the status, biology, threats and protection of European vultures.

Review and download the magazine

Der Falke Vultures English.pdf

Adobe Acrobat Document 7.9 MB

Here is the list of the contents of this special edition:

  • Together for Vulture Protection  
  • The vultures of Europe – an Overview
  • Food specialist Bearded Vulture: The Bird that lives on Bones
  • Once gone – now returned: Bearded Vultures in the Alps
  • The European endangered species programme for the Bearded Vulture: The Return from Captivity into the Wild
  • Bearded Vultures without Borders: Success by Cooperation
  • Resident Breeder or not? History of Bearded Vultures as Breeding Bird in the Alps
  • History and Perspectives: Bearded Vultures in the Pyrenees
  • Bearded Vultures beyond the Alps: Steps to reach the Pyrenees
  • Hope for the Fights against poison bat: The Return of the Bearded Vulture to Andalucia
  • Bearded Vulture: Last autochtonous Island Populations
  • South-East Europe: Vultures in the Balkan Peninsula
  • From Summer Guests to Breeding Birds: Griffon Vultures in the Alps
  • Success in Massif Central and Southern Alps: The return of the Griffon Vulture in France
  • Help from Crete: Griffon Vultures in Cyprus
  • Improving the Conservation Breeding: Eurasian Black Vulture EEP
  • Conservation Actions and Threats: Egyptian Vulture 
  • Ringing and Monitoring: Data for science
  • Opportunities and Perspectives: Vultures in Germany
  • A Risk for Scavenger Birds: Lead
  • The Hidden Hand of Poison
  • New Threats for Europe’s Vultures: Diclonefac
  • LIFE GypHelp project: Minimising Collisions
  • The Ecology services provided by vultures
  • Taking a look over the Mediterranean Sea: Dubious Future for Africa’s Vultures
  • Between Europe and Africa: Vultures in the Maghreb
  • Vulture Conservation Foundation and other Organisations: Key players in Vulture Conservation in Europe
  • Vultures in Europe: Priorities for Conservation
  • Children of the Storm: Griffon Vultures in the Kvarner

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