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International Vulture Awareness Day is this weekend. Let´s all celebrate vultures!

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This weekend will see another International Vulture Awareness Day (see http://www.vultureday.org/2014/) – an excellent initiative celebrating vultures, first developed by the Hawk Conservancy Trust (UK) and the Endangered Wildlife Trust (South Africa), and that now has developed into a co-ordinated international day that promotes the conservation of vultures to a wider audience and highlights the important work being carried out by the world’s vulture conservationists.

The VCF has over the years promoted and participated in this initiative, and this year we will be present in several events across Europe:

  • In Cordoba Zoo (Spain) a new enclosure for the bearded vultures is being officially opened, amongst other activities to promote the importance of vultures

  • In Goldau Zoo (Switzerland) there will be a bearded vulture open day, with talks on this species as well as a sponsored run-walk.

  • In the Riserva Naturale del Lago di Cornino (Italy) a vulture open day is being organised, with visits to the local vulture feeding station, and the release of a griffon born in captivity.

  • In the Zoo de la Barben (France) the VCF film on the bearded vulture reintroduction project is being shown, and a collection for the VCF projects being organised

  • In Haute Savoie (France), ASTERS/Conservatoire de Espaces Naturels de Haute Savoie, the VCF and other partners are launching publicly a new LIFE project to help conserve the bearded vulture in the French Alps. There will be an open day with talks, exhibitions and films.

  • In Extremadura (Spain), a protocol will be signed between the VCF and AMUS (a local Extremadura conservation organisation), to mark the day and to coordinate our joint efforts in the conservation of griffons, and the transportation of griffon vultures from Extremadura to Bulgaria, to help with the restocking project there.

  • Also in Extemadura (Spain), the VCF and the Junta de Extremadura are organising a joint press conference on vultures, to mark the event

    Please celebrate vultures this coming weekend – disseminate the news about these and other events, come and participate, donate and support, watch and observe. For vultures!

For more information contact http://www.vultureday.org/2014/ or j.tavares@4vultures.org

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