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Watch the presentations of the 27th ‘Vautours’ meeting online

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Between 15 to 17 February 2022, the 27th ‘Vautours’ meeting (27èmes rencontres Vautours), organised by LPO, brought together experts to discuss the latest vulture conservation programmes in France and beyond.

Our very own José Tavares, Franziska Lörcher and Julien Terraube gave presentations during the event, sharing insight into several conservation initiatives the Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF) leads. 

The presentations (in French) are now available online, in case you missed the event. 

Return on the Egyptian Vulture pair of Alet-les-Bains 

(Anna Terras-LPO Occitanie Dt Aude)

Shared analysis of the network of managers concerning vulture and livestock interactions 

Pascal Orabi – LPO France

Supporting farmers on the subject of interactions between vultures and breeding activities

Camille Bodot – LPO France site Grands Causses

Feeding behaviour of Griffon Vultures (outside of feeding stations) in the Grands Causses

Olivier Duriez – Cefe-CNRS

Past distribution and status of the Cinereous Vulture on the French territory according to material and textual data 

Véronique Laroulandie, CNRS-PACEA; Michèle Lemaire, Conférence permanente des muséums de France; Renaud Nadal, LPO France site Grands-Causses

Availability of food resources for vultures and other scavenging birds in the Balkan Peninsula

Julien Terraube – Vulture Conservation Foundation

Presentation of LIFE GYPRESCUE

Anthony Andarelli – PNR Corse

Analysis of Bearded Vulture mortality in Europe 

Franziska Lörcher – Vulture Conservation Foundation

Wildlife Crime Academy 

José Tavares – Vulture Conservation Foundation

Synthesis of the impacts of lead ammunition on vultures

Julien Terraube – Vulture Conservation Foundation

MAPE programme: reducing bird mortality in wind farms

Olivier Duriez CEFE-CNRS


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