Using research techniques to better understand vulture behaviour and ecology to inform conservation actions

Apart from following vulture research outputs to inform current and future conservation strategies, the Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF) staff and board members are leading scientists shaping vulture conservation research.

The VCF team has been researching vultures for years, contributing to many important studies that helped underpin vulture conservation in Europe and beyond. From conducting feasibility studies to inform reintroduction projects to tracking and analysing GPS data of hundreds of birds, we have researched a wide variety of vulture topics.

Research Reviews

The VCF team regularly reviews and summarises recent vulture articles of interest to vulture conservationists, researchers, and enthusiasts.

Check out our Research Reviews, which highlight key takeaways of research studies relevant to the species, covering various topics and different areas, including all continents where vulture species are present.

European Vulture Conference 2023 New Dates

New dates for the European Vulture Conference 2023

We are excited to announce that the European Vulture Conference 2023 has ...
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Bearded Vulture in flight carrying a bone © Bruno Berthemy

29.000 years-old Bearded Vulture nesting site found in Portugal

A recently published scientific paper confirmed the presence of a Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) ...
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EVC change of dates

Change of dates for the European Vulture Conference 2023

Attention to all interested in participating in the upcoming European Vulture Conference ...
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Cinereous Vulture © Bruno Berthemy

Research review: High long-term survival and asymmetric movements in a reintroduced metapopulation of Cinereous Vultures

A recent study assessed the role survival and movements play in the ...
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Balkan biodiversity poisoning_

Illegal wildlife poisoning depletes Balkan biodiversity yet only 1% of cases reach court

The illegal use of poisonous substances in the environment to target ‘undesirable’ ...
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poisoned griffon vulture illustrative_VCF

Research review: A Global Review of Causes of Morbidity and Mortality in Free-Living Vultures

A recent systematic review determined the most common causes of morbidity and ...
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Releasing captive-bred Egyptian Vultures to the wild in Israel – is the reintroduction project working?

Releasing captive-bred Egyptian Vultures to the wild in Israel – is the reintroduction project working?

A recently published paper demonstrates the first signs of success in Egyptian Vulture reintroduction ...
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link card white-backed vultures perching on a tree at sunset in South Africa

Assessing the role of African vultures as biomonitors and umbrella species

A recent study used a systematic approach to evaluate the potential of African vultures ...
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link card Bearded Vulture in Southern Africa

Establishing efficient conservation actions for the Bearded Vulture population in Southern Africa: synthesis of a 20-year research program

Vulture populations across Africa have undergone massive declines, ‘the African vulture crisis’, ...
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Results from the wolf and hunting dog interaction study in the Dadia-Lefkimi-Soufli Forest National Park and adjacent areas

Wolf attacks on hunting dogs recorded in the Evros region in recent ...
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Research Review: Study provides new insight into the vocal repertoire of Griffon Vultures

Did we underestimate the complexity of the vocal repertoire of Griffon Vultures? ...
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The spread of misinformation as a new challenge for vulture conservation

Condors and vultures (hereafter “vultures”) are threatened necrophagous bird species relying on ...
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Research review: What are the economic benefits of avian scavenger-based tourism in Spain?

A recently published study demonstrates the benefits avian scavengers contribute to people and the need to ...
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Research review: Understanding the links between landscape anthropization and stress in Griffon Vultures

How does landscape anthropization affect vulture populations? A recently published research article investigated this ...
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Habitat modelling helps assess risk of wind farms for Bearded Vultures in the Alps

Which habitats are particularly suitable for Bearded Vultures? Sergio Vignali has investigated ...
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Discovery of the oldest wild Egyptian Vulture

Conservationists discovered the oldest known living Egyptian Vulture in the wild thanks ...
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Research review: New study reveals the importance of feeding sites and carcasses in the wider landscape for Griffon Vultures in Bulgaria and Greece.

A research article recently published in the Journal of Ornithology has revealed that Griffon Vultures in ...
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The Vulture Conservation Foundation is hiring a Research Officer

The Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF) seeks to recruit an ambitious and versatile ...
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Meet Emslie’s Vulture: The new vulture species identified from fossils in Cuba

A new study reveals a newly identified vulture species from fossils found ...
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Research review: How scientific research has informed Andean condor conservation in South America

In response to a comment on their recent review article about the ...
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